“What’s your plan Brittney?…”

You know when someone you love says something that leaves you thinking, and you sit and stir about it for a while? That is exactly what has happen to me….

Last night, a friend asked me what my plan was.

There are so many ways that this statement could have been taken, but if I was to place background to it, the way it would be understood is simple.”What’s your plan Brittney?’~Are you going to continue down this path, and see where it leads, or are you going to do something about it? hmmmm….

The choice is up to me. The ball is in my court. I have to  be the one to make the change. I have made progress this far, but knowing that I am doing it for other people, because I don’t really care, but I have reached the point now, where it is up to ME! The choice is mine, what is my plan?

Pray,Seek,Ask for help, Be open, Grow, Learn, and be free….

That’s my plan, and who knows how I will get there, but it’s okay. I have been doing a lot of changing, and (I guess) growing, with a few steps back, but it’s okay. That is what life is about…..It’s a process, and I am right in the middle of something, God is working, moving, and holding me. I CAN do this.

This is my plan, God show me what yours is, and make ours match.


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