Words of wisdom from Shannon Bowman (:

I finally got to do what I have been waiting to do all of break….I went and had a WONDERFUL conversation with Mrs. Bowman. (: I forgot how much wisdom and encouragement comes from that lady’s mouth.

We started off talking about school and how things are going in Greenville. I was excited to tell her all about it, and give her details on the awesome things that God is doing in my life. We talked about my classes, friends, teachers, church, ministry, and how I am growing as a person.

Then, we started talking about my future, and what I am wanting to do. We talked about it for a while, and I began to gain more passion for what I want to do. She has always been a huge support and encouragement, and hearing her tell me to go for it, make a difference and an impact, I knew that I have the support that I have been looking for.

She told me to stay in school, and help myself, so that I can help people later on in life. She said that I am right where God has called me to be. She walked through all of the things that I told her, and she told me the possible impact that I could be making right now where I am without even knowing it.

Right before I left, she kept spilling amazing words or wisdom into my life. She told me to first, enjoy the now. Live, Love, and have a passion right now. Make an impact where I am, and let God lead me. Second, Live me life for Him, and what difference I am to make in this world will come to me. Not to seek it out on my own, but to be still and patient, and let God bring it to me all in do time.

Hearing her say that really brought peace to my heart. I have been seeking after what impact I am to make on this world. What I am really to be doing is being still, and letting God speak to me.

Thank you yet again Mrs. Bowman for pouring into my life (: There were SO many other things that we talked about, but her bringing peace to my heart was much-needed.


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