Spring time…He makes all things new

The weather in Greenville has  been so BEAUTIFUL (:

Being off of Facebook and Twitter I have opened up ALOT of time, and I think that I have been using my time wisely, and I have been having lots of God time.

I have been able to cut off myself from the world, and really focus on what it is God is trying to say to me.

The other day, I was sitting outside, and I realized that this dead tree near me, began to bloom, and it was beautiful.

My pastor brain (or so Rachel would say) was kicked into full gear, and I really started to think about it. This ugly dead tree was about to bloom something beautiful. It was dead, but it is starting over, in this new season of spring.

It’s kind of like me….I was in a weird season of life, and I have really been shaken and molded to do something else, and walk in a different path. I am being made new, and I finally realized that this past week.

Another thing that I have been thinking about a lot is the different seasons of life that the people in my life are in….Sometimes I wonder why I haven’t really pushed too much and tried to think deeper in my faith, maybe I am sitting with comfort and familiarity. I am not too sure. Should I be thinking about different seasons of life, and how they impact our relationship with Christ, or do I wait until maybe one day I hit that point.


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