Awesome Day (:

I must say, this has been a great day (: I was able to speak in chapel and share what God has placed on my heart (even if crazy words come out of my mouth) and talk about the impact that is yet to come, when we really begin to band together to make a difference.

After chapel, an awesome lunch date was to follow with Lindsey. I was able to put what I had spoken about in chapel into actions, and through the great conversations that I had with her, community began to be built.

Youth Ministry class was also great today, Greg sat with me and asked me how I thought chapel went, and then we walked through it all. He told me all of the good things that I did, and the way I handled things, and the outcome of it all. He seemed to think that everything worked well, and that God has called me to do this with my life, and this was just the stepping stone.

Then, I made dinner with Nicole, and as always that was an awesome time (:

I was able to end my night with Andie Kincaid….That in it’s self was a great experience. We sat and talked about all sorts of things. Her wisdom that was poured into me was wonderful….She even read me the Bloom book-Revised by Andie Kincaid, to fit all of your walkabout needs 😛

Today was a pretty great day (: I was able to see God at work in my life, as well as in the lives of the people that he has placed in mine (: Thank you God for such a great day!



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