Scattered thoughts.

Alright. I know that this COR trip has really shaken me to the point where I don’t even know my own faith anymore, and I am upset, crushed, mad, and a little fearful of what is to come next on this faith journey that I am on…

I thought that I would talk about it with a select group of friends, who would respond and walk through this with me, but all that has been shown so far is a push back, and a calling to stop complaining about it. How am I supposed to work through this if the “closest” friends that I have  here aren’t willing to walk with me?

My faith is shattered, and I am nowhere near where I was just a few days ago.

Why are so many churches making cookie cutter christians?

I still have so many questions, that are way too scattered to write out and make sense of all of it.

Thank God for the mature older people in my life who are willing to listen.

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