What I learned from Kendra Smiley this weekend.

This weekend, I was given the honor of meeting Kendra Smiley. She lives in my roommates hometown, and they all know her, so I got to sit and talk to her and ask her any questions that I wanted.

I was so excited to sit and listen to what she had to say, and I am sure that I was hanging on to every word that she had to say. So much wisdom and awesome ministry advice came from her, that it’s hard to write and talk about everything that she said…

I learned a valuable lesson this weekend, and I don’t think that it could have come at a better time. She was talking about passions and following God’s will and call for your life, and how we all have a special unique song in our hearts that we are all to sing back to God. So much went along with that conversation, that I will not soon forget. It was much needed, and I was glad to hear her talk about being your OWN person, and singing YOUR song to Christ.

Thank you Kendra Smiley for speaking straight into my heart this weekend. It was an honor to get to meet you and talk to you (:

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