Things that have made me happy this week:

The beautiful weather.

The lady at QT who smiled at me today.

Seeing friends.

The wonderful coffee I have consumed. (:

The sunshine.

The AMAZING puffy clouds outside my window.

The peaceful sound of the wind blowing.

Many giggles and smiles that came from Katlyn today as we played at the park.

Worship services. (:

Meeting new people.

Seeing God’s love all around me.

Being reminded that I am loved.

Have the GREATEST friends in the world!

Skyping with Suzie.

Preparing for small groups.

Packing some more for school!

The many memories that have come to mind about Durley this week.

Seeing God’s face more and more.

Painting my toes pink with glitter.

Celebrating National Sisters Day with Melissa and Melanie.

Getting to take pictures of my closest friends. (:

Adorable texts from my Senior Teen girls!

Being in constant prayer for my Walkabout friends.

Mercy Ministries started to follow me on Twitter!

Reading God’s promises and seeing how to apply it to my life!

Eating Captain Crunch for breakfast, when I woke up in time (:

Looking up at the stars, and feeling God calm my heart!

I am only a few days away from seeing the people I love!

I get a huge smile on my face when I think about what opportunities are before me this year!

Tomorrow I will be making a new friend from The Netherlands! (:

Getting new pens, pencils, folders, notebooks, and planner for school! (:

Getting a chat message from Angelica (:

Writing letters to all of my cabin girls!

Seeing a new born baby cry, and watch her mom hold her and sing to her. (:

The many hugs that I have been given this week! (: (:


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