My heart.

If you knew the whole truth,
would you still see me as a youth?
The things I have encountered,
go far beyond my years.
I have enjoyed many laughs,
and have had quite a few tears.
I have tried to live my life right,
but most of the time,
it ends up becoming a fight.
I shed tears at night,
but by morning, they are out of sight.
People think all is well,
but inside I tend to dwell.
I have to let go,
but how will I know?
One thing leaves, and another takes it place,
God enter now,
I can only be saved by your grace.
I have given my life to you,
and you have made me new.
I give you the glory,
I will let you use my story.
After I tell you the truth,
I hope that you see I have grown from my youth.

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