Family picture day. Ask me my feelings on it in person, they may be different than what you see here.






I have been feeling broken, weighed down with sin, dirty with past sin, and heartbroken from present issues. I don’t really know what God is doing, or his plan, but I do know that this time is different from what I was expecting, I was waiting for the usual:

*Brittney cries because she realizes she messed up.

*Talks to someone.

*They something profound.

*Heart is changed, on the track to “trying” to make it better.

*Everything goes great, until we start the cycle over again.

But, this time, everything is different. I haven’t really talked about how I am feeling, I have just been dealing with it. God has been keeping close, because for the first time in a long time, I feel him next to me, but staying silent. I don’t really know if it is the comfort of being in the presence of God often that is keeping my heart okay with issues for the most part, or if I am just not ready to talk about things.

I am okay, God is here, living inside of me, and doing his work, even if I can’t see what is happening.