Sophomore Year, Second semester Week one….

In the waiting place.


Looking for God.

Searching my heart.

Looking for someone to explain it all to me.

Reverting back to the high school normal.

Missing people.


Wow, that world was never to be used to describe me.

That’s not who I am.

I’m happy.

Nothing is wrong.

It’s all catching up to me.

School, faith, relationships… I have to do them.

It looks good.

Still waiting for God.

Durley comes.

Everything seems to be at peace there.

People to talk about God with.

Remembering my passion.

Feeling the presence of God again.

Going to be okay.

Weekend ends, reality hits.

Lies Begin:

You’re a convenient friend.

No one loves you.

You spend a lot of time alone, see, no one needs you.

Sophomore slump….Yeah, I know it all too well.

I’m numb to love. To faith. To people. To God.

When will it all end.

Walls need to be broken, is anyone around to break them?

Hold my heart Lord, I guess I’m learning how to trust you more.

Second semester, lets hope you change soon.


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