The better part of the week.

1. Amber and I had meaningful conversation Saturday afternoon, after my dad left.

2. My Durley kids ROCKED in Beauty and the Beast on Saturday.

3. Miranda is pretty much the greatest person to have conversation with.

4. I preached at St. Johns UCC on Sunday, and they treat me so well.

5. I got to Skype with Rachel.

6.Dr. Holden is the BEST Greenville mom….EVER!

7. Caitlin Torrence has so much passion for listening to others, it unbelievable.

8. Megan Van De Loo is overflowing with love.

9. Dena couldn’t work with my eyes, because it would hurt her too much.. (:

10. With all this time that I can’t be around people, I have gotten rest. MUCH NEEDED (:


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