Letter #8 (Favorite Internet Friend)

Dear Megan Van de Loo,

I don’t know what really classifies someone as an Internet friend, but I have read every blog that you have ever written, and I love them, so I decided to write this letter to you. (:


First of all, I want you to know how much I love you. (: All summer at Durley, I thought that you were the coolest, and I just wanted to be friends with you (: Your love for all of your campers was amazing, and the passion that you walked with everyday for Jesus was beautiful. There is something unique about you and your faith, and I think that is what draws people to you…. That is a special thing; use it for God’s glory in this world. (:


Since I have read every blog that you have ever written, I think I have a gateway into your soul. (: What a complex person you are. (: The way that you think, and the connections that you make with certain things is awesome.  It’s a gift…. Not too many people can compare math to a spiritual walk with Christ. (: (:


You are about to graduate, and go off and do some pretty awesome things in this world…… As hard as it is for me to accept this, I know that the world needs you. They need your passion, your love, your heart, and your desire to seek God’s will and his Kingdom in your everyday life. Even when you leave Greenville, you will never be forgotten. You have made quite an impact on the people that you have come into contact with during your time here, and I think you would be pretty hard to forget. (: I will always be praying for you, and Skype dates are going to become a regular thing in our lives. (:


Thanks for making math somewhat fun, and for sitting with me until I understand what I am doing….Even if Mrs. Beans gives us two different tests and I forget my formulas before I need them. 😉


You’re great, and I love you a whole lot. (: We need to have a Durley date before May 27th, and share life with each other, and just hang out. (:



I told you that I am making a list of facts about you as well, so here are a few of them:

  1. Megan has a peace about her that draws people to her.
  2. Megan is the best at math.
  3. Megan knows something is wrong, even if you say nothing.
  4. Megan has a heart that is rooted in God’s truths.
  5. Megan looks for the good in all people.
  6. Megan knows how to make people feel loved.
  7. Megan looks into people’s souls, even if they don’t tell her what’s wrong.
  8. Megan is going to do something awesome in this world.
  9. Megan has a passion for people, even if she doesn’t see it.

10. Megan has the ability to impact many lives.


I love you. (: (: Thanks for letting me read every blog that you have ever written. (:


Love, BG

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