Letter #10 (Someone you wish you talked to more often)

Dear Kelly Rae:

I thought that today’s letter would be a perfect one to write to you. I think you are pretty great, and I am so glad that we are starting to talk more and more. (: I am excited for this summer, because I know that our friendship is only going to continue to grow and grow (:


Every time I would see you around campus last year, you always had a smile on your face and the joy of the Lord was always with you, and I thought that was the most awesome thing about you….Then, last year at without ceasing, we have a nice long hour and a half conversation about life, and I thought that you were even more awesome after that (:


I know we are both really busy…You more than me of course (: but I do wish that we could spend time together…. And that is totally going to happen this summer when we celebrate EVERY SINGLE DAY, that you are done with 22 credit hours (: (:


You are a great person (: You are encouraging, filled with Christ’s love, and I am so excited to see how God uses you and does awesome things in your life.


Keep changing the lives of the people you are in contact with for Christ. (:


Love, Brittney



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