Letter #11 (A deceased person you wish you could talk to)

Dear Great Grandma Dinwiddie,

Hi grandma. I hope you are having a beautiful time worshipping at the feet of Jesus. I can’t even begin to imagine how you must be feeling, and what you are experiencing right now.


You are home now, with grandpa. I am so happy that you two will finally be together again, I hear that you two would talk often about how when you get to Heaven, you wanted to dance together at the feet of Jesus…. What a beautiful thing. Sometimes when I am in a worship service now, I imagine what it must be like to be dancing at the feet of Jesus.


I hope that you knew how much I loved and still love you. You always seemed to make me smile, and would always be so proud of me when grandma Judy would tell you she had to go because we needed to get to the church so that I could to go youth group, or preach, or go to Encounter. You were proud of me, and I know it…. Thank you for believing in me.


It was an honor when they asked me to speak at your funeral. I knew that as I was reading Psalm 23, that you were smiling at me. (: It was such a beautiful service, everyone that was there, had a peace about them, even if they didn’t know it.


I was the last one to see you before they closed that casket….I told you goodbye, and how much I loved you. A sweet melody was playing in my head as they closed the top of that casket, I knew you weren’t in pain anymore, I knew that you were with Jesus, I knew you were okay. More than okay, and that gave me comfort.


I cannot wait to see you again. I wish that I could have said goodbye before you went home, but it’s okay, we will meet again. Someday we will be able to experience the presence of God together, and I cannot wait.


Until then, tell grandpa I said hello. I never knew him, I was really little when he passed away, but I have the picture of all three of us at Easter, and it makes me smile often. You loved me, I know you both did.


Thanks for being a great grandma. You rock!


See you soon!!!


Love, Brittney


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