Random Thoughts Inside My Head.

This prophets test tomorrow…yeah, I am going to fail….I am over it.

I did something really stupid, seeking forgiveness for it….too prideful to ask for help.

My thoughts make no sense.

I know one thing, I have the best friends ever!!

20th birthday party, the best…..Floating lantern with the 5 greatest people….night made.

Some nights I want to lay on the sidewalk, and talk about life with someone.

Easter break…Yeah, not a fan.

Megan Van de Loo….. She has become a close friend the past few days.

Kayli Catron comes in 13 days….Who’s counting though right?! Also, she is planning her life around my schedule so she keeps herself busy while I am busy. (: (: and free when I am free.

I Skyped Hannah Groves….I cried.

I am feeling better….That’s a plus.

I need my mom……Weird concept.

This week, I felt what it was like to be loved.

Sometimes I think stupid thoughts, that shouldn’t be in my head…or heart.

I need a real good cry soon.

The small number of days until graduation scares me, and I panic about it often….and I am not even graduating.

Miranda, Alexz, Jennifer, Anna, Caitlin……There is something about those 5 that make my heart smile (: (:

Summer is so close, yet so far away.

I need to go to Durley soon.

I have decided that one day I am going to write a book…For big people now…Not just kids.


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