Letter #14 (Someone You Have Drifted Away From)

Dear High School Friends,

It was hard to pick a specific person to write to, so I decided to write to all of you at once. (:

Remember when we said that we would be friends forever? We took pictures together for 2 weeks straight, right before school let out for summer vacation. We made promises, that none of us could keep, and we had an unrealistic idea of what college and life after high school would be like…..We were on top of the world, and there was nothing and no one that was going to stop us from doing what we wanted to do.

Well, here we are now, almost 3 years out of high school, and look at how much has changed…..Some of you are married, have kids, and are working and participating in society as adults. Others of us, are going to college. It may be Lewis and Clark, or another school away from home, but nothing seems to be the same.

The friendships that we never wanted to let go of, slowly faded away as we walked across that stage, and lifted our silly string cans to the air….What a sad thing. We were the class that forever changed the face of Southwestern…..We didn’t really follow the pattern of too much of anything, we wrote the rules, and often broke them. We hung out in the halls, we stuffed people in cars for fun in sociology classes, teachers had a special bond with us, and we left a mark….Some of us good, and some of us bad.

We were unique and different. (: (: I pray often that this still is true in all of your lives today. No matter if you are a parent, a spouse, a working, learning 20 something, or still just hanging out at your parents house everyday, I hope that you still have the unique quality about yourselves….Each of us brought something, and that’s what made us who we are.

Small towns. Small school. We were friends with everyone, there is no denying that. You guys have each made an impact on my life, and I will remember funny stories, stories that make me cry, and stories that are just plan silly to everyone else in the world….Forever. Even if we have slowly began to fade away from each other’s lives, we all still hold memories, keep those, they will remain precious for the rest of our lives.

Class of 2010, you hold a special place in my heart. I pray for all of you often. (: Looking forward to seeing you all again soon.

Love In Christ,

Brittney (:

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