100 Facts About Brittney

Since I told Megan to write a list of 100 facts about herself, I decided to do the same. (:

100 Facts About Brittney

One of my favorite things is when people read to me.


I am deaf in my right ear.


Singing is something that I love to do.


I place a large value on relationships.


I am terrified of the dark.


In 2009 I sang the National Anthem at the St. Louis Cardinals game.


I walk on the outside of my feet.


Hand written letters are special to me.


I don’t like odd numbers, except for the number 27.


My passion roots from a struggle.


I am working daily to love myself.


I have an obsession with counting things.


Worship makes my heart soar.


I tend to close myself off, and wait for people to prove to me they wont leave me, before I open up.


I love going for walks.


I enjoy putting things into color-coordinated order.


I could sit at a coffee shop for hours.


I want to be a profession storyteller when I grow up. (Hearing peoples stories, seek God in all of them, and speak to people about the stories I have heard, and hope they encourage them)


I love being around people.


Silence scares me.


Freshman year of college is where my redemption story began.


I don’t take compliments well, even if it looks like I do.


Disney movies are my favorite.


I love late night conversations.


I was a figure skater for almost  15 years of my life.


I don’t like chocolate.


I tend to mask pain.


When I grow up, I want to write a book.


Sometimes I love coloring books, sidewalk chalk, flying kites and bubbles.


I love quotes.


I don’t like mornings.


I think I am a princess.


Children’s ministry has my heart.


I wanted plastic surgery on my ears up until last years.


I love bottled water.


I am allergic to some pretty weird things.


I don’t know how to interact with adult males, but Marcos Gilmore has done an awesome job at making me trust males again.


My family acts like they get along…we don’t.


I have been told that I could have my own TV show….And I would love it.


I love going to the grocery store.


I twitch uncontrollably.


I gave a girl stiches once….I hit her in the face with a softball.


I have never had a job. (unless Durley counts)


My medical life is kind of messed up….


One time in high school, I TPed my teacher’s house.


I love John Wesley…The Methodist church founder.


I love to read.


I was a cheerleader.


More than 98% of my high school graduating class voted me as teachers pet.


Saturdays are made for cartoon watching.


I am a huge Cardinals fan.


I have never been in the Arch.


I love glitter.


I don’t know how to swim.


A large amount of things that I own are pink.


My snack of choice is popcorn.


I love giving people things.


Spring and Fall are my favorite.


I used to get allergy shots twice a week as a kid.


When I was in 8th grade, I preached my first sermon.


Giraffes are my favorite.


I want to get a tattoo, but I know I am too big of a chicken.


Sometimes, all I want is to be held, and cry.


Germs are one of my biggest fears.


I am usually the one people call to take them to the hospital.


I enjoy being the center of attention….For the most part.


In high school, I played the triangle in the band, so I didn’t have to do PE.


When I was little, I used to be able to sit on my hair.


I love driving with the windows down.


Sometimes I dream about things that will happen at a later date.


I want to learn how to play the guitar.


Tangled is my favorite movie.


3D movies usually make me sick.


I was in the audience of America’s Got Talent this past year.


Finger licking is my biggest pet peeve.


If Flo from Progressive ever retires, I would love to have her job.


One day, I hope to visit Maine.


Pretzels are one of my favorite foods.


I wish I could take pictures of all the highlights of my life and look back at them often.


Love is a weird concept for me.


I have never been on a rollercoaster.


If it is storming, I have a hard time sleeping is no one is around me that I feel safe with.


Teresa Holden is my Greenville mom.


Sitting in Forest Park with my feet in the water is my happy place.


I love to swing.


I never wanted to live to be 20….Here we are 15 days into being 20.


I love bows.


Wrapping presents is something that I am good at.


I love musicals.


I love driving around, with an unknown destination.


I enjoy going to tearooms.


Sitting outside on a summer day with a good book is ideal.


I have a handful of places that I enjoy going when I need to get away.


I love awkward situations….As long as I am not the awkward one.


I believe that we are all connected in someway.


Sometimes when I am at my grandparents’ lake, I tie my struggles to rocks and throw them into the lake.


I cannot open a combination lock.


Fireworks give me anxiety.


Unlike most people, I enjoy talking on the phone.


When I think of Larva, then a caterpillar, then a cocoon, then a butterfly, I think of the redemption story that we all live.



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