Letter #15 (The person you miss the most)

Dear Jamie,

Hi friend. I am sure that there are a ton of people that I miss, but I miss you the most. (: For different reasons of course. I know that you are still in Greenville, so it’s a weird concept to wrap my head around, but I miss you….Often. Sure, Hannah is in Africa, and Kayli is in California, but I think I miss you the most because you are still here and I never get to see you…. It’s because you are super busy being good at all of the jobs you have, playing tennis, and still having time to be Jesus to people….. It’s not a bad thing…At all. (:


You are awesome, I hope that you know that. (: It was such a blessing to work with you this summer at Durley. I still read my precious yellow notecard that you wrote me after the first camp. (:


You are going to do great things in this world, I hope that you know that. (: (: God has given you a heart for his people, and you know what it means to love people, even if it seems as if they are impossible to love.


One of my favorite things about you is your ability to seek God in every situation. (: Just from talking to you, I know that this is a huge part of who you are. When something is going wrong, in my life, or I don’t quite understand what God is doing, you always seem to be able to pull it all apart, and look for God in all of it….That is a pretty awesome thing.


I love you a lot, and I am so glad that God has placed you in my life. (: You mean a lot to me, and I value our friendship. Even if I don’t get to see you as often as I would like, I know that you still love me, and when we do spend time together it is precious time. (:


I love you!

Brittney (:


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