Letter #16 (Someone not in your state/country)

Dear Hannah,


Hello my beautiful friend. I hope that Africa is treating you well. We are down to the final few days of you being away. 22 days to be exact. (: I am so ready to see you, and to get a Hannah hug. (: It has been such a blessing being able to pray for you for the past 86 days. (: I think that my favorite part about all of it, is God using the most random things to remind me to pray for you. (:


I hope that you know how wonderful of a friend you are. (: God knew what he was doing when he placed you in my life. (: Still, my favorite Hannah Groves memory is sitting at Durley talking little, but being in the presence of God with each other. (: Even to this day, when I am having a rough day, I remember that awesome night, and I am encouraged, and ready to face the day. (:


God has huge plans in store for you!! I am so excited to see how he uses you, and you gifts and talents to further his Kingdom here on earth. (: You know how to love, you know how to give, you know how to seek out people in need, and those are all wonderful things. This world needs someone like you. (:


You’re a great friend, and I love you. (: I cannot wait to see your beautiful face, and spend ton of time in Jo’s talking about your experiences!!!


I love you!

Brittney (:


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