Living a redemption story for 639 days.

Wow. Here I stand today. May 20th, 2012. 639 days, 1 year and 9 months later.

I have been living a redemption story for quite sometime now.

For some reason, I thought that it would get easier as the days, months, and now years go by…..It does, but there are still days when I feel like giving in to the enemy, and letting him win….But, it’s in those moments when I am able to look to my left and right, and see the most loving and caring people waiting to love me, care for me, hold me, and sit with me.

God has been showing me so much, and I am so blessed…..

This year has not been the greatest, but I have still managed to keep my redemption path of this part of my life together, and keep myself accountable when it is needed.

It’s graduation time….For some reason, I am terrified that the 20th of every month, will no longer be a significant date….With my support system leaving physically, I am afraid that the past will slowly come creeping up on me…..

I know it’s all in my head, and they will never leave.

It will be time to take my redemption story for myself now….No longer for the people who walked with me through all of this, but for me, for my sake, for my life to continue.

God is good. It has been a beautiful 639 days…..Even if their was rain. (:


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