Summer Bucket List, Join me if you would like, YOLO (:


Summer Bucket List 2012

*Grow a pot filled with flowers

* Make Lemonade

*Get in the car, and end up where we end up

*Watch fireworks on the 4th of July

*Go to the farmers market

*Drive the River Road

*Visit Ted Drews

*Catch Fireflies late at night

*Have a bonfire

*Draw with sidewalk chalk

*Go to a baseball game

*Read three books

*Play mini golf

*Make a tie-dye shirt

*Sit outside for a whole day

*Fly a kite

*Visit a lighthouse

*Build a fort

*Go to Pier Marquette and walk the trails

*Play in the rain

*Send a nice letter to a random person in the phonebook

*Go to the zoo

*Have a picnic

*Watch 5 movies in a row

*Go to a carnival or fair

*Have a massive silly string/Shaving cream fight

*Go on a late night walk

*Window paint a car

*Visit REI and IKEA

*Go to a concert

*See one camper accept Christ at Durley

*Get humdingers

*Blow bubbles

*Spend a day watching Gilmore Girls

*See a movie in the park

*Visit the playground

*Read at least 3 childhood books

*Leave flowers on a random persons door

*Take pictures in a photo booth

*Drive with the windows down, music blasting

*Watch the sun rise

*Go to the Arch

*Take a picture by the Hollywood sign


*Meet someone famous/semi famous

*Eat IMO’s

*Visit the dragon in Vandalia

*Take pictures at the Alton Amphitheater

*Write at least 15 letters to college friends

*Make this a summer to remember (:

**See one you want to be a part of, let me know** (:


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