Brittney, can you send us a paragraph or two about your experiences and love for Greenville? Sure thing ;)

When I think of Greenville College, the first word that comes to mind is growth.
Students come from all around the world to a common ground in Greenville, Illinois,
where they grow, learn, experience, and make sense of their faith foundations.

I cannot express how much this place truly means to me. The professors, the staff,
and the students of Greenville College have all made me the person I am today.

Greenville has taught me so much. I wake up every morning with a passion to seek
Christ in all that I do, because of the way that professors have invested in me. Their
passion for teaching, and their desire to know more and more of God’s heart, have
lead me to want to seek Christ in the smallest things throughout my day.

Greenville College is a place to grow, and learn, and if this is your desire, and you
want to do it through a Christian perspective, this is the place for you. It’s not all
easy, but in the end, God reveals himself and shows you exactly why he has brought
you to this place, and why you have had the experiences that you have had during
your time here.

Parents, this is a wonderful place to send your Child. If you are feeling anxious and
uneasy about sending your child away, don’t, the professors of Greenville College
protect, teach, challenge, and encourage their students 100% of the time. My
experience with the professors has been wonderful. So many of them have taken
me in as their own child, and really taught me a lot both inside and outside of the
classroom. They are dedicated to their students, and set such a wonderful faith
example for your child to live by.

Faith is such a key component at Greenville College, and it’s so easy to see, God’s
passion and love is rooted in the hearts of so many students and faculty on campus.
The experiences that have impacted me the most are the ones that have been faith
based. The pure hearts and the dedicated souls that pour out so much time for
others on campus this is truly beautiful.

We all may come from different walks of life, different states, countries, and
different backgrounds, but we are Greenville College, a place of growth, experiences,
and a better understanding of who you are in Christ. This place is truly beautiful.
The community is wonderful, and the way that God is glorified in all that we do, will
remain fresh in your heart forever, no matter where you are.

Brittney Gilleland, Ministry Major, Brighton, Illinois.


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