Normal Thoughts.

Normal? What is normal? These words have come out of the mouths of some of my closest friends for the past few years.


In the beginning, I just let their words of encouragement roll off my shoulder, and I never really gave much thought to them…They were always really nice words, like, “No one is normal, what is normal anyway?” “Why do you want to be normal, tell me please, what does that look like?”


In my head normal has a specific outline that it had to follow:





*Loving family

*Good friends

*The perfect life


As I have gone away to school, and set out on a journey to find myself, and discover who it is God created me to be, I have realized that we all have a normal. It’s our reality.


My normal is much different from my roommates normal, or my best friends normal, or even my brothers normal.


Normal is a weird word…. I am okay with not following my outline for what it means to be normal.




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