Praying for Jane.

I said a prayer for you today.

I asked God to take your pain away.


He responded softly with the warmth of the Sun,

And he said simply, my child, my will shall be done.


Jane is my daughter, and I love her so,

I have given her doctors the things they need to know.


At times things wont make sense, and you all will be asking why,

Tear will fill your eyes, and all you will do is cry.


I will comfort and protect, and wipe those tears away,

Know that my love and grace will be in your hearts to stay.


I shall love Jane deeply and keep her mind at peace,

As the cancer cells inside, will continue to decrease.


Never lose hope, and keep trusting in me,

Soon Jane’s whole body will be cancer free.


He smiled again, bringing the warmth of the sun,

And said my child I am not yet done.


I must now speak to Jane, and calm her anxious heart,

I need her to know, I have been here from the start.


Jane, until this is over, I want you to remain true,

Let everyone see my love shining brightly through you.


You are my daughter and you are loved deeply,

Keep my word in your heart, and continue to seek me.


When you look up at the sky,

With tears in your eyes, asking me why,


Remain true,

And know that I am always watching over you.



This evening I wrote this as I was thinking and praying for a close family friend who has been diagnosed with cancer. She means a lot to me, and her smile always makes my heart become warmed. She is such a wonderful person, who deserves our prayers and thoughts. I ask that you all join me in prayer as Jane fights this battle…We have a hope in Christ, and what a beautiful thing it is to hold on to in a time like this. Thank you for reading, and for keeping Jane in your prayers. Be blessed. ♥ Brittney



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