This is my now.

Last night, I said another official goodbye. Caitlin Torrence will be leaving Thursday morning. She is moving to Minnesota, to start this exciting new journey that God has prepared for her.


It was a nice catch up date. Drinking coffee, and just sharing about our summers, talking about past things, and even more importantly, talking about what is to come next.


She said something that has left me thinking all night, and all day today. She said, “think about it, you don’t know Greenville, without those special people that you love, that graduated this past spring. This year, new freshman will come, and they will not know Greenville without you.”


Hmm….So true. I don’t know what Greenville is like without Caitlin, or Miranda, or Alexz, or Megan, or so many others.


But woah, that’s crazy to think about, the new class coming in, won’t know Greenville without me…. Weird.


So many of the people who walked across that stage in the spring, have affected me, challenged me, and changed me. I thought the world was coming to an end, just thinking about them not being there in the fall…. It will be tough, I know, and I will have to adjust the first few days, but I have a calling.


God has me, the age I am, for a reason. Those people who have left, who impacted me when they were juniors and seniors while I was a freshman, were their age for a reason, God knew I needed them.


It’s my turn. It’s my turn to love someone, care for someone, give tough love to someone, and set the example, just like my friends did for me.


Feeling pretty great about Junior year….Goodbye Sophomore Slump!!





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