Christian Life Week.

Greg and Rebecca Sparks came to Greenville this week for Christian life week, and what a blessing they were. Their hearts and lives reflect Christ, and their passion to make Jesus known is amazing. I had the honor of taking them to the airport this morning, and send them back to Pennsylvania safely (: What a blessing they are.

Continuing to pray for them, their family, and their ministry.


Beautiful. Waiting.


Sometimes, you look up and there just seems to be so many more stars than ever before.
They burn brighter and they shine longer.
They never vanish into your periphery when you turn your head.
It’s as if they come out for us.
As if to remind us that their light took so long to come to us.
That if we never had the patience to wait, we never would have seen them here.
Like this.


That as much as it hurts, sometimes, it’s all you can do.
Endure and keep shining.
Knowing that eventually, your light will reach where it is supposed to be.


It is never easy.
But it is always worth it.