Today’s thoughts.

I want a hug from the familiar people who love me for who I am.

I just want Jesus to renew my heart, because I am stuck.

There are far too many things on my heart at the moment.

I have checked out.

Sometimes I just want to go back to last year….Weird, I know….But I need people again.

Right now, I want to get on the ice, skate a few laps, and feel the peacefulness of the ice once again.

I think I’m fat…So I guess it’s time to deal with that again.

Self esteem….Ha. I have worn sweat pants, T-shirts, and a columbia or hoodie everyday this week….It’s safe to say I don’t have much.

This Sunday I preach…..Is my heart in the right spot for that? hmm….

Speaking in Vespers, has caused satan to work harder…..I don’t know how much more I can take…Both physical, emotional and spiritual…


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