On the days when I wake up at 6:45, I find myself more emotional than most days. I am sensitive to a lot of things ,and the smallest little comment can upset me, make my day, or cause me to burst in to tears. Today, I have experienced all of those things…It’s a weird thing. I don’t understand.


I was upset because I have been a huge friend fail to my friends who are in the real world. I have started letters to all of them, but have failed to complete any of them…I don’t have a reason to be upset about it…. I have been busy, I know that, but the fact that I have been feeling depressed and lonely again, makes me realize how much I miss them.


Talked to Megan Jane on the phone today during my drive back to Greenville from the parade…Day made….Then, Momma Van de Loo talks to me. My heart is a happy one. I miss Megs, a lot to be honest. More than usual the past two or three weeks….Since she left again. Meh, she is needed in Wisconsin, I just have to place on my big girl pants and accept that fact.


Since I have been up since 6:45, I figured I was tired, and needed to head to bed early… Laying here, thinking about life, boom. Tears. Goodness, my life.


Oh yeah, and the East Alton parade was tonight…I got to see Rhece. (:


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