Response to my “New Years Resolutions of 2012”

On January 7th, 2012 I made this list. I forgot about it, until I went back, and read my blog from the past year…Wow. As I look at this list, I have many things that fit into most of them. Stories, funny moments, sad moments, reality moments, and some growth is in there somewhere…I decided to respond to my “new years resolutions” that I made last year.

Live in freedom: I spoke in Vespers about love for self, which was huge, I NEVER thought that I would stand before my peers and professors and tell my life. It was such a beautiful and freeing thing to be real and honest with people… I would say I did a pretty good job at living in freedom, up until recently… It’s a process.

Make a list of all the people I love, and tell them how much I love them: Eh. Could have done a better hob. I hope that the people that I love know just how much they mean to me!

Find out what real community is: Still figuring it out….

Be intentional with the people around me: Being intentional has had its ups and its downs… Could be doing WAY better with it.

Make a new friend each day: Ha. Friend, maybe no so much, but smiling at someone has been my favorite thing. (;

See Jesus in different ways: Well….Yeah. So much to go here. I don’t even know.

Keep cool and remain tear free at graduation: Ha. Well, I cried and couldn’t eat for a week before graduation… It will go down in history as the worst week…So much crying, and paleness and sickness for one week. It was a beautiful day though…Didn’t cry during the ceremony, but on the way home and before I was a mess!

Start my junior year of college….: Ha. Well,  I did… Finished with 9 credit hours…Roughest semester yet.

Set an example: Could be doing WAYYYY better.

Learn more about God and who I am created to be: Learn more about God, yes, in a weird round about way, who I am created to be? Still working on that!

Have my world rocked at some point: World rocked? What the heck was I thinking? That happened, and not in the way in which I planned it would. It left me broken, hurt, sad, depressed, confused, and so many other things. Working on it.

Find Christ through it all: Yet find Christ through it all…Shoot, I didn’t even know what would be happening in my life, or at Durley this summer, and I still wanted my world rocked and to FIND Christ through all of it… It’s a process, and I am still working towards that. We will see.

Allow God to direct and orchestrate everyday all year: Amen.

Let life happen: And it did..

Thank God for yet another amazing year to be alive and making his kingdom come to earth: Living my life to give him thanks…failing daily, but still trying. 



Sometimes I wish I could just say a magic word and make them go away…

I have been feeling good for an hour, but I feel another one coming on.

Tomorrow I miss a friend preaching, and Even saying goodbye to Miranda and Alexz….

What did I do to deserve nightmares and headaches…