Evening thoughts.

Top 10 thoughts for the evening:


* Christmas break is so close I can smell the fresh baked cookies at my grandma’s house. I have never been so excited to go home. I have been looking forward to being away from Greenville…Well, that’s a change.


*I have two solid friendships left on campus… One of them is leaving at semester… I have tried to push it out of my mind, and forget about it, but it keeps coming up…Sucks really.


*Looking into a college in California…. More thoughts to come.


*Teresa Holden makes me smile. Sometimes I like to convince myself that she actually is my mom, rather than just my Greenville mom.


*I’ve learned to trust no one…. Thoughts later, I am sure.


*I miss so many people; it’s not even funny…I am awful at living in the present.


*This semester has been one of the toughest spiritually. I often wonder what people would think, if I were completely honest with them about what is going on. It’s weird. I don’t know how to talk about it… The positions that I hold don’t really leave me with many spiritual mentors to talk things through with, so I have sat in silence for far too long.


*Self-esteem sucks lately. Nothing much else to say.


*I miss Kelly Rae’s voice in worship….But really.


*Durley on the heart and brain today……. Blah. Missing my girls, thinking about everything. It’s a two way path I am walking…A foot on both thoughts.



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