Thoughts from the coffee shop

Thoughts while sitting in Jo’s:

*There are so many members of the community that come in her on a daily basis. I always enjoy talking to them and asking about their grandkids, and basic little things that they love to talk about.

*Alex makes my Carmel Macchiato better than anyone else.

*It’s as if God is playing DJ today with my iTunes.

*The sunshine shining through the windows is exactly what I need today…. Since I am seeking peace today.

*I am taking things really slow lately, but hey, I am finally willing to do more than before.

*Life is such a weird thing.

*I’ve been writing out prayers of thanksgiving for the people who I am truly thankful for, and that has helped me so much!

*For the first time in almost 7 months, I want to go to a worship service and engage.

*Under pressure diamonds are created.

*Melatonin worked like a gem for me last night… I had a nightmare, but that’s nothing new. BUT, I did go to bed at 1:15, which is amazing since I haven’t been going to bed until around 4.

*I am so thankful that over the past two weeks, God has given me friends…I have been so upset and worried about both Jessie and Sasha leaving, and being all alone… I was for a while, and I cried about it, wanted to leave, and prayed the prayer I have prayed since freshman year… God just a group of friends that are constant and wont leave and that will build me up….Woah, now I have 5 friends, yes, 5.  It’s a little ray of hope in all of this darkness. I will take it.

*I’m planning a Vespers party. Yup, I am pretty stoked about being a party planner (:

*Oh yeah, Kayli Catron asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding!!! BEST FRIENDS! (:

*ANDDDDDDD, Chelsea Treador will be coming to Greenville tomorrow and will be my roommate for two days. (:


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