katlynThis little girl right here is my right hand man. She has grown up as my mini me, and has pretty much stolen my heart from the day she arrived on this earth 5 years ago.

We pretty much complete each other. We hang out, go on adventures, go shopping, and have cheerleading lessons. She is my little princess in training.

Most of our family tells her that one day she will grow up to be just like me….Look out world.

This is my baby girl. My favorite 5 year old. and the best little cousin a girl could ask for.

Katlyn went to Children’s hospital this morning with what they believed to be bacterial pneumonia. Please pray for her as she spends her first night in the hospital since she was born.

She called and talked to me today for a few minutes. I let her know that everyone was praying for her,and that she is going to be okay….So, if you get a chance tonight, pray for her and her little body to be healed.


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