Today I got to see Monica for the first time in about three years.

It was my brothers graduation party, and it was such a lovely day.

I had a really upset heart about things that are wayyyy out of my control, and that had nothing to do with his party, the people, or even the specific day, but I knew today would be a tough one for me.

So, I was coming in from outside, and walked past the room, and there she was, waiting to see me, with that huge smile and welcoming heart….The tears flowed and flowed and flowed.

I don’t think that I have ever seen someone so excited to see me before. (: I hugged her and refused to let her go.

We caught up on life, school, classes, God, and how I am ACTUALLY doing.

You see, she has been quite the mother figure in my life. There have been so many talks on long drives, figuring out life, and her actually caring.

She knew about my struggles and promised to keep them from my mom, and through those our relationship grew, and she encouraged and loved and supported me when I needed her the most.

That upset attitude that I had began the day with, soon drifted away. What a beautiful surprise and blessing.

She promised that this summer we would spend lots of time together, and make this a summer of, “restoration in that little heart of yours”

It’s a beautiful thing this life of mine. The people I have in it, they really add the beauty.monica


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