Have you ever looked at a picture?

No, I mean really looked at it?

I caught myself staring at this picture and thinking about all the things behind those smiles…The things that have gone on collectively, and separately.

We have: anxiety, eating disorders, depression, affairs, alcoholism, abandonment, anger, and even some hate.

But we also have: high school graduates, middle school honor roll student, amazing cook, successful business women, mr.fix it’s, dancers, and college students.

All of those things, the good and the bad have made me who I am today… If it weren’t for some of those things, I may not struggle the way I do, but if I didn’t struggle, I may not be able to love the way I do.

It’s a weird thing, but pictures have caused me to stop and look at the whole picture, not just the photograph in front of megillelands


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