summer so far.

I guess it is about time to actually update people on what I have been doing this summer…I wish that I had a really cute tag line to sum up what I have been doing so far, but it really isn’t that easy. No, it’s actually quite confusing and frustrating, but at the same time encouraging and redemptive.


Week one of being home, I told Pastor Nicole about what has been going on the past year of my life…She listened a lot, talked when I needed her to, and has been really encouraging and pushing me to move forward…It scares me though, because she really does mean a lot to me, and I am afraid that her knowing and seeing will all prove to be too much…


There has been the reconnection of friends, which has been really wonderful. It’s so nice to see familiar faces, and remember why those people were a part of my life to begin with. I have had encouraging conversations with the women in my life that have played as mother figures during my time spent at home.


I did VBS…. It was right up my little children’s pastor passion. The kids were beyond precious and it makes my heart swell up with so. Much. Love.


Nannying has been pretty crazy. The kids are cute, but gosh, they wear me out….So many errands and trips to the library and other things. I have realized that I really don’t want to have kids for quite sometime.


Lisa Burhanna and I have spent more time together during this summer, than we ever did last year…Which has been good for this little soul of mine.


Tyler and I had a life talk…Weird, but hey, I will take it. I am going to miss that kid when he leaves in August.


Spanish…Yeah, I suck at it. I honestly don’t know if I am going to get to graduate next May, because I am so. Bad. At. It.


I have been going to church on Sundays. Encounter performances. Thirst, and tonight I even went to Bible study…. I feel myself relaxing a little bit, but at the same time, it’s still right at the front of my mind, and I am working on it, which is more than what I can say from this past year.


As I continue to process and think and reorganize how I think and feel about certain things, I find myself walking back to the foot of the cross…. Others have a transformation and run to the cross….I, am walking and making sure I get every lesson on the way….It’s not easy, that’s for sure, but in the end, I am praying it will be worth it.


There are some things to look forward to:

I am going to camp July 7th

I am doing children’s ministry at church while I’m home

Amy, Jenny and I are spending more time together

Weddings, weddings, weddings


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