Ten thing Wednesday?

I didn’t write out my 10 things from yesterday, so 10 thing Wednesday will have to work!

1. I went back to the headache doctor. Changing medicines and things, hopefully things will continue to look up!

2. Halloween parades always feed my significance.

3. I miss Megan Jane and Steph Bratcher. Really Really.

4. Dr. Hartley went into Lori Gaffner’s office yesterday and told her that I did excellent on my sermon for Homiletics….I’m glowing today from that comment, I’m pretty sure.

5. This weekend, I am leading a youth retreat. Prayers welcomed.

6. Sometimes I realize just how much I enjoy being alone.

7. My family put our Christmas tree up this past weekend. Our house looks like a winter wonderland already!

8. I am so excited to see Jill in just a few short weeks! So many good conversations and quality time spent together in Branson!

9. My grandparents are home, FINALLY!

10. My other grandparents are getting a divorce…. I’m still in shock about the whole situation.

Happy 10 thing Wednesday everyone!


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