A letter to the mom at Target.

Dear lady at Target:
I know you are trying to be a good mom. I’m sure you are doing all that you can to make your daughter feel like a princess tomorrow at the banquet that you are going to.
You took her out shopping tonight and that’s really awesome! Every girl loves to go out shopping on a Friday night.
That’s great. That’s awesome.
But I have something to say. That 14 year old girl that you were telling me about. That girl who is the middle child. The girl who has a 19 year old brother who didn’t put you through all the stress you are going through with her. The one you told she was fat.
Well, I’m going to tell you something about that girl. It may be hard to hear, but I think it will be really useful.
Don’t hound her about losing weight. Don’t tell her she’s ugly. Don’t stay in the dressing room with her when she asks you to leave. You’re breaking her. You’re hurting her. You’re destroying the daughter you want.
If you keep telling her those things, she will start to believe them, and then, she’s going to struggle. She’s going to struggle a lot. You don’t want her to hate you or worse, herself do you?
Well, maybe you do want her to struggle. I don’t actually know you, but I’ve been in your daughters shoes.
Being skinny isn’t going to make her love her life. The depression won’t go away, and the pressures of the world will magnify.
She’s a beautiful girl, so do me a favor, love her. Love her flaws, her imperfections, her beauty and the way she was created. She will be someone’s best friend and maybe even wife one day, raise her right and her insecurities won’t be an issue.
Know I’m praying for you both. In fact, I’m praying for all moms and daughters who had this fight tonight.
She has value and worth. Let her know.
Love, a girl who has been there.


Tomorrow is a new day.

I have always loved the fact that each day is something new. While I am a fan of consistency, the change of the day is comforting.

There is always something new to experience. New faces to see. People to meet. Coffee to drink. and a God to glorify.

Funny, because while the comfort is in the consistency of the day, it actually is the consistency of the God that we serve. He’s the one that makes the sun rise and the moon to rest.

He’s the one that wakes me up. That guides my path. and my one soul purpose is to serve  him.

How. Cool. Is. That.

13 things about 2013.

1. I allowed myself to process things within a community that loves and values redemption.

2. I’ve had the honor of leading Vespers, and learning what approaching leadership with a humble attitude and heart means.

3. I watched some of my favorite people walk across the graduation stage, with tearful eyes as the reality of senior year hit me.

4. I have successfully finished my junior year at Greenville College, as well as the first semester of my senior year.

5. I’ve watched friends move away, but not without first walking in to my heart and changing my life.

6. I have had the honor of mentoring some of the most incredible underclassman at Greenville.

7. I have gone on only two vacations this year… But both were awesome! Branson to go Christmas shopping and Wisconsin over spring break to see some of my favorite people!

8. I’ve realized that after graduation, the people who you need to stay in your life, will stay in your life… Forever grateful for that one!!

9. I have taken a few steps backwards, but I’ve come to realize that is okay, as long as I continue to seek truth.

10. I have been the children’s pastor of the most incredible group of kids.

11. I had the most awesome summer! I reconnected with old friends and created the coolest bucket list.

12. I had lots of ups and downs, tons of tears, lots of joys, but it has all shaped me into the person I am meant to be for this season.

13. I’m still learning to love and be loved. Still learning how to forgiven and be forgiven…. But I’m closer now in December than what I was in January.

Here’s to you 2014. You are the keeper of so many things. Graduation, grad school, my 22nd birthday, and so much more. I pray that God goes before me, beside me, and within me, guiding me and allowing me to see him in all aspects of this year.