Meet Brittney!


Brittney. 24. Christ follower. Graduate of Greenville College. First semester student at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminery. Children’s Pastor. Living a redemption story. I love people. I believe that honesty and vulnerability are two of the most beautiful things. I see the need for Christ in this world, and I am going to do my part to make his name known.

Some of my favorite things: Pink. Froyo. Fluffy Clouds. Worship services. Family. Friends. Sunshine. Coffee dates. Musicals. Giraffes. Christmas lights. Lemonade. God talks. Making memories. Hugs. Stargazing. Cheesecake. Chai tea. People reading to me. Christmas. Wicked. Flowers. Being a Princess.  Hand written letters. Meeting new people. Making people smile. Giving gifts with meaning. Public speaking. Children’s ministry. Greenville.


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